Brain + Soul = Living List

People write bucket lists for items they want to accomplish before they die. But I want a living list. A list of items that I want to experience while I am alive, without the end being death.So what is on my living list? There is a road that goes from Newport, OR to Maine, in […]

Little Steps: Day 100 – 34,064 Reasons to H.Y.O.H

Day 100 has finally arrived. Way faster than I expected it too. Or wanted it to. I find it amazing how much, and what, can change, in just 100 days. In fact, what I envisioned day 100 would be like, is not the reality of what day 100 looks like. And I am not sure […]

Little Steps: Day 17 – Friendship and Grief in the Trees

Day 17: 2.6 miles / Total miles: 14.6mi / Days left: 162 / Time: ? / Pace: 38’45” Today’s hike was a little bit different. My work husband was able to join me. Or maybe I didnt give him the option to say no. I told him I couldnt make him do anything he didnt […]