Little Steps: Day 4 – How Heavy is Too Heavy?

Day 4: 0.0 miles / Total Miles: 2.41 / Days Left: 175 I had already planned on this being a “rest” day. We are going camping this weekend so today was packing day! We had to get everything…everything packed and in the husbands truck because the plan is for the girls and I meet him […]

Little Steps: Day 2 – A Child’s Pace is a Good Pace

Day 2: 1.32 Mi My kiddos woke up with a fever. Again. I think they learned how to warm themselves up under a light. Because their only symptom is a fever. So no school, or Taekwondo, again for them. Ugh. Fevers throw a wrench in to everything. Every. Thing. Your world literally comes to a […]

Little Steps: Day 1 – The mile that almost wasn’t

Day 1: 1.12 Miles My plan for today was to come home after work, run all the puppies, then grab Helios and head to the park. I have been mentally preparing, and mapping the logistics out, for this day, for about 10 days. Well, a funny thing happened. A funny thing called life. My coworkers […]