Experience Review: Colleen Cleary, Holistic Health Coach (extraordinaire)

4.5 years ago, I almost died on the operating table not because of my infected gallbladder but because I was fat. I have been on a health journey ever since. 8 months ago I started working with Colleen and she helped me fall in love with myself, changing my life, and my health, forever. And she can help you too!

Experience Review: Timberwolf Trails and the Magic of Horse Therapy

Riding a horse is so much more than just riding a horse. Riding a horse is about forming connections and bonds with animals who can feel our hearts beat. Horse therapy helps kids build confidence, release stress and anxiety, find their voice, and so much more. What started as a teenager’s dream to share her passion of all things horses – is now changing lives of so many kids who desperately need her horses (and her) at Timberwolf Trails.

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