Adventures in Solopreneurship: First Weekend of a Planned Unemployment – Pt 1.

Pt. 1 – Final Countdown Eve Day 469 – Thursday, June 24th, 2021 I am no stranger to diving head first into something without really knowing what I am supposed to be doing…. I wholeheartedly believe the more I say I know what I am doing…the more likely something will eventually click…. ….or not…. For […]

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I Saw what Exists Beyond Fear….

To my archnemsis Fear, I have let you control me since the day I was born. And for the past 33 years (34 in 13 days) – I welcomed you with open arms. I let you control my life. I let you yell at me and make me feel worthless. I believed wholeheartedly….that you – […]

Brain + Soul = Living List

People write bucket lists for items they want to accomplish before they die. But I want a living list. A list of items that I want to experience while I am alive, without the end being death.So what is on my living list? There is a road that goes from Newport, OR to Maine, in […]

Pawsitively Perfect Podcast

This week, has been insane. I believe there are no coincidences, but merely the universe giving us what we need, when we need it. For example, I had an epiphany exactly 1 month ago. Spirited Wolf Media, was born. Spirited Wolf Media – an adventure that I have been piecing together slowly. Thinking thru what […]