35yo + Accidental Gap Year(s) = Well, That Was Unexpected, But I Ain’t Mad

Warning: LONG story NOT short Synopsis: Well, that was unexpected, but I ain't mad because now I understand. 87 weeks ago I took a leap of faith. I NEVER saw where that leap took me coming. And neither will you.

A Punch to the Face to Save the Trees

"My trees, they were all gone...I stomped up to that punching bag and channeled all of that intense rage and fury into my fist, and I swung... The moment my fist connected with that punching bag, I knew." SAVE THE TREES!

28 Lessons I Learned Writing My First Novel

I quit my job to write a book. It took me 18 months but I freaking did it! I also learned 28 lessons that I need to share with my fellow authors and aspiring authors. Including an easter egg for my first book!

Damn Plastic Wrap

But that damn plastic wrap won't budge. An unbreakable barrier. Not an impossible one. But a boss level barrier. I thought I had it all figured out. Then somewhere between taking the leap and flying - I fell atop a cloud on a no-breeze day. And it is here where I sit and watch each piece of my life balance on the precipice of surrender...or fight. I am tired. Am I not enough already?

Adventures in Solopreneurship: First Weekend of a Planned Unemployment – Pt 5/Final

Pt 5 (and final of this particular series) - Take Pride in being Unproductive - I will! Day 473 - Monday, June 28th, 2021 Captain's Log: 358am: Wake up - bladder must not have gotten the memo that I don't have an alarm. 430am: Bzzz Bzzbzbzbbzbzbzzzzzzzz - Dangit! Forgot to cancel the alarms on my... Continue Reading →

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