Brain + Soul = Living List

People write bucket lists for items they want to accomplish before they die. But I want a living list. A list of items that I want to experience while I am alive, without the end being death.So what is on my living list? There is a road that goes from Newport, OR to Maine, in... Continue Reading →

Those Pesky Rebellious Neurons

I finally was able to refill my happy pills on Monday evening. And I have taken them 2 days in a row! Gold star for me! I used to be pretty terrible with taking my medication on a consistent basis. Probably for at least 10-15 years, I would forget to take them, or skip a... Continue Reading →

Fractured Ankle + Toothache from the Pits of Hell + Lack of Happy Pills = I know I am Depressed

I ran out of one my happy pills last Monday. But I saw the dr that afternoon so I could get a new refill. And honestly, I had a 30 day supply. Of 25mg pills. And instead of being upfront with the dr at my last appt, I decided to self medicate and take 50mg... Continue Reading →

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate #10 – I Have A Face that has Lived

1 year ago today, I wrote a blog titled "Can I Love Myself?" 3 days later, I started this journey on figuring out how to love myself. Up until that point, I had been unable to utter those 3 little words. I have broken through a lot of barriers, and worked really hard on improving... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Scout is One Full of Adventures

I love scouting. It's my passion. I am currently working on a scout badge. adult self is an adult scout. We call ourselves Rovers. Its pretty fun. Fulfills a childhood desire I didnt know was badly missed. I have decided to keep a little separation. Because the life I live can be messy. And... Continue Reading →

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