When the Phone Rings

We are in an age where answering a phone call is becoming rare. Personally, I much prefer text messaging. My life is just too chaotic and busy and let’s be honest – I am lazy and don’t want to answer any phone calls. With text messaging – I can respond on my own time. I […]

Back-to-School: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

If you have a child, you know all too well about the Back to School Season. The beginning of the best story line ever. Or the worst… The beginning of a binge-watch worthy show that you just cannot turn away from….or a show that is so bad that you just cannot turn it off. You […]

Little Steps: Day 52 – The Trail Ends Here?

I apologize in advance. But my mind is a tangled mess. Thoughts are flying around a thousand miles a minute. Crashing in to eachother. Trajectories unknown. My fingers are full of dread. The words want to flow faster than they can be given passage. I have no idea what is about to overflow the walls, […]

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate # 2 – 808

If you do not know who I am, or haven’t ran across my post about what 808 means to me, then let me give you the cliff notes version. I see 808 constantly. Everywhere. Sometimes I do not see it for a few days, or even a week or more. But it never ceases to […]

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate #2

When my husband and I were first dating, we knew we loved each other, but it wasn’t easy. I don’t know if we had even envisioned us together going on 13 years. Oh the beginning was so hard. We had LOTS of ups and downs. But we never let that veer us away (minus that […]