Into the (Wild) Unknown: A Week in My Brain

When I started writing down my thoughts last Wednesday, the intent was NOT to turn it into a story. The intent was to REMIND me of things I wanted to remember. But then, I kept writing and unloading random ramblings, and, well, here we are. If you were ever curious about how insane the inside of my brain is - read on.

My Health Journey: Heal, Push, Eliminate, Live

5 years ago, I almost died on the operating table. Something had to change. So, I made me a priority for the first time in my life. 92.1 pounds eliminated later and I never stop having fun.

Spirituality, The Full Moon, And How A Witchcraft Shop Changed My Life

From metaphorically dying to understanding who I am and why I always need to understand, I have gone on a journey of sorts. But this is a story of how a Witchcraft shop changed my life. One you don't want to miss.

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