How Powell’s Bookstore Became a Bribe and a Reward

Last Nov, I posted a letter our 10yo wrote about coming home from school, super excited, and demanded to visit Powell's. I tagged Powell's with no expectations because I am a decent human who likes to give credit where credit is due and Powell's inspired that story. Next thing I know, Powell's has become a bribe AND a reward, and I ain't mad.

A Migraine From Hell And 4 Days Of Non-Stop Pain

A migraine from hell and 4 days of non-stop pain later, I chose the good and persevered. I wanted to die, I hurt so bad. Instead, I found my strength.

My Health Journey: Heal, Push, Eliminate, Live

5 years ago, I almost died on the operating table. Something had to change. So, I made me a priority for the first time in my life. 92.1 pounds eliminated later and I never stop having fun.

22 Years & 79K+ Photos Later, I Am Finally Unafraid

22 years & 79K+ photos later, I submitted my photos for the FIRST time to a Call For Art. I wasn't ready before. But I damn sure am now because being unafraid is powerfully freeing.

5 Reasons You NEED To Hire A Business Strategist

If you have a business, you need multiple strategies. As a freelance business strategist, there are 5 reasons why you need to hire me to make sure your strategy is the best/right one.

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