My First Novel

 Ruby, a burnt-out mom, needs to escape reality before crashing and drowning alive.
When she finally escapes, she meets four travelers who are just like her. But what she discovers on her quest to the middle of Nowhere, Alaska after escaping shakes her foundation, changing everything.
On her quest, she begins as a lost traveler who ends up finding a life-altering secret that she doesn’t believe.
Everything she thought she had figured out, comes crashing down around her instead, only for her to discover the truth of who she is: a fighter who never backs down from a challenge.
Even if that challenge is finally finding that elusive happiness she lost when her best friend died at the beginning of a soul-crushing pandemic.
Trigger warning: suicide ideation, mental health discussions, references to childhood sexual assault (CSA), self-harm, depression. Please do not read if any of the above potential subjects are negative triggers. This book is about healing, but to heal, we must discuss the pain. The only semi-graphic details are when I discuss cutting or suicide ideation. There are not any graphic details, only references, to CSA.
“So happy for you & excited that I was a beta reader. To all of you other people, I heartily recommend finding a way to get & read this book, eBook, paperback, or whatever. It is a great read! Her character-building is wonderful, and her continuity is fabulous. Not only that but the ending will WOW you!!” ~ Sharon

My 2nd Novel (WIP)

Novel #2
In full transparency, I am only up to chapter 10 in the zero draft of this book. And every chapter I write takes me in a completely different direction. So, whatever I write below, is liable to change as I continue writing.
So, I have no clue where this book is headed or what adventures the characters will go on. But I do know that there will be a cult, probably.
And I do know that Onyx and Jasper are an unlikely duo who are trying their best to not drive eachother crazy as they investigate why people keep coming home with complete personality transplants after spending a bit o’ time in the woods.
Jasper is convinced they are all being brainwashed by a cult that has its claws into some high profile clientele that could have some major ramifications for the rest of the world.
Meanwhile, Onyx is a reclusive bestselling author who hasn’t left her home in years due to a psychotic stalker who died two years prior and just wants to prove the pretentious Jasper wrong and that it’s possible for people to change without being brainwashed.
Their undercover operation starts unraveling the moment the hosts introduce them to eachother. Will they be able to work together to get to the bottom of the truth?
What they discover, will rock one of their world’s. 
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