I Time Traveled.

Today has been….a day. But talking about work is not as awesome as this afternoon after work. 9:02pm: Husband Text: Got my RC Car. 9:46am: Wife (me) Text, knowing how excited he has been to get this: Lol 12:13pm: Wife (me) Text, knowing what happens with his current one: That’s a pretty good dog toy. […]

Drowning with Onlookers

Have you ever wanted to NOT do something SO much that you had to just fake it….until you made it? Well, I do. In fact, I have been faking so many things in my life, for nearly 33 years, that I consider myself an expert in how to put forth an intricately real facade. Something […]

A Shadowy Figure – From the Water to the Earth

A few weeks ago, I talked to my spiritual adviser (yeah….still dont care what you think). Long story short, I now see a shadowy figure at times under circumstances that can only be described as a creepy humanoid stalking its prey from afar. Wow. That got dark quick. Let me rephrase. Long story short, my […]

A Shadowy Figure

At the beginning of 2020, I vowed to change my solo hikes up and do something different. Tuning out my inner voice only worked in that it taught me what NOT to do this next time around. At first, talking to my inner self was awkward and very tense. Our conversations were kept professional and […]

Letter to My Future Self

Dear Self, I want to thank you for joining the PNPTribe, home of No BS Weightloss on April 1st, 2020. You might not believe it, but I weigh 210 lbs. We did it! You have now lost a total of 102.2lbs and you know in your soul that the final 60lbs have been put on […]