(ARC Review) I. C. Robledo – Awaken the Starlight Within

Kelly received an advance copy of ‘Awaken the Starlight Within’ by I. C. Robledo for an unbiased review. The book is a self-development guide that helps readers along their spiritual journey. Robledo encourages readers to let the book ‘read’ them, applying the wisdom to their life experiences. Kelly’s review reflects her transformative experience and what the book’s spiritual guidance looks like in practice, and the value of self-discovery.

How Powell’s Bookstore Became a Bribe and a Reward

Last Nov, I posted a letter our 10yo wrote about coming home from school, super excited, and demanded to visit Powell’s.

I tagged Powell’s with no expectations because I am a decent human who likes to give credit where credit is due and Powell’s inspired that story. Next thing I know, Powell’s has become a bribe AND a reward, and I ain’t mad.

Product Review: Cozy USB Covers

Cozy Covers do exactly what they are supposed to do – protect your lifeline. They protect your cords so you can go on all the adventures you want, without worrying if you are going to run out of charge, without worrying if your plug will get wet and short circuit.

Experience Review: Timberwolf Trails and the Magic of Horse Therapy

Riding a horse is so much more than just riding a horse. Riding a horse is about forming connections and bonds with animals who can feel our hearts beat. Horse therapy helps kids build confidence, release stress and anxiety, find their voice, and so much more. What started as a teenager’s dream to share her passion of all things horses – is now changing lives of so many kids who desperately need her horses (and her) at Timberwolf Trails.

Read more to see how Timberwolf Trails forever changed the lives of my kids.