How I Wrote 169,372 Words in 30 days

The trilogy I wrote shattered all of my comfort zones that I was hiding behind. Despite the challenges, interruptions, and late-night writing sessions, I poured my heart and soul into this story. My characters and their journeys the central focus. How their stories unfolded surprised even me. Writing this trilogy taught me many lessons. But the most important one, is that I finally realized that I cannot exist without writing.

My First Solo Photography Show: Lessons Learned

I applied to be part of our local cultural arts program. My goal? To get out of my comfort zone and just hit submit. I didn’t care if I was selected. Everything has changed for me as a photographer, as a creator, as a human, in the last 11 months.

My Trip To Cali: Life-Altering Fate, Meant to Happen

The post is an intimate recollection of a woman’s trip to California to reunite with her husband who had been away for an extended work trip. The author’s narrative spans across a number of days, encompassing moments of excitement where she details visiting tourist spots including Lombard Street, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful redwoods. However, alongside the joys, she also confronts the transient nature of existence when a friend’s husband suddenly passes away, underscoring the importance of cherishing every moment in the present.

From Powerless to Unafraid: How I Battle My Demons

I choose these 13 photos for my show for a reason. They represent me on a primal level. They represent my journey from feeling powerless to finally being free and unafraid. And they each represent who I am, as an artist.

The Power of Journaling: A New Years Resolution 132 Days Later

Nearly 7 hours and 5,999 words later – Synopsis: What started as a simple way to learn runes, has transformed my life in unexpected ways. Vibe Time has become part of my identity and I look forward to it every single day. 132 days later and I have embraced who I am. Who I have always been.

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