Self-Distancing on The Compound: Day 7 – Overwhelmed

Days 1, 2, and 3: I was excited, and determined, and my brain felt like it went in to a focused hyperdrive. I knew exactly what I needed to do, in order to get thru this. In order for our family to survive this. Or did I. Day 4: I woke up and instantly knew […]

Self-Distancing on The Compound: Day 2 – Realizing Reality

Please visit my other blogs that will have more/different posts and show them some support as well. Spirited Wolf Media Finding Anchors in the Storm Life of a Scout It is crazy to sit here and think that just last Thursday, 4 days ago, when I woke up, I could never have dreamt all that […]

Self-Distancing on The Compond: Day 1. CALL TO ACTION!

Mission Right Choice Objective: What comes next? Location: The Compound, home of Super Paws Pack and Super Steele Family Adventures Date: March 14th (mmmm pi), 2020 Post-Mission Thought Download Quarantine Day 1: Today….was an insane day that seemed like I should be waking anytime, hoping its before your alarm because the insanity of this dream […]