I Am...

From freezing moments in time to bringing a written story to life, my soul language is creation, and it creates to inspire.
I write about the real, the raw, the dreams, the adventures, the heartache.
I share the good, the bad, the fun, the chaos.
I honor the storms and drop anchor.
I weather the darkness and fight for light.
I seek guidance from my spirit guide team, and work to live stoically.

I seek a place somewhere between
Water and Fire, Earth and Air.
A place here nothing makes sense,
yet everything seems right.

Human. Wife. Mother.
Storyteller. Creator.
Adventurer. Photographer. Writer.
LGBTQ+ Ally. BIPOC Ally.

Super Power:  Solving problems, finding solutions.

Meaning of life:
to connect, to inspire, to empathize, to live, to love, to laugh, to be unapologetically me, to have fun.

It is important to stay present, but it is equally as important to dream.
Because sometimes, it’s those dreams that get us to the next sunrise.

I know my writing isn’t for everyone. But I hope the one who needs my words, finds my words.

I have had to battle depression, chronic migraines, adhd, obesity, anxiety, and PTSD over the years. I have survived some pretty hard almost life-ending mental healths. And I have learned quite a few life lessons along the way.

Couple my daily battles with those of my amazing kiddos, the struggle is real.
Parent or not, you are not alone. 

Just Keep Swimming
You do you, boo-boo
Adventure on with Curiosity
Positive Vibes (and Fun Times)
Why choose?

It is my goal with my blog and this site share tips, tricks, wisdom, and life lessons (incl. what not to do) to finding your own anchors that you can hang on to during those pretty hard days.

And because the sun will rise again as the skies clear, I am going to share pieces of the adventure that is my life now that I am who I have always wanted to be.
I. Am. Me.
A spiritual, philosophical, wildcard who is unapologetically herself, forging her own path.

I Am Me.

I specialize in weaving my adventures, curiosity, positive vibes, and mental health battles with vivid photographs and the written word.
One photo, one step, one battle, one sunrise, one story at a time.