Introducing: Novel #2

Synopsis (For Now)

After Jasper’s sister returned home with a personality transplant, he stalked his favorite author, who writes about a badass P.I. who solves the curious mysteries that no one else seems to care about. This qualifies as a curious mystery that no one seems to care about. No one knows the author’s real name or location, but that doesn’t stop Jasper.

Meanwhile, channeling the energy of the character she has built over the years, the real-life Onyx leaves the house for the first time in over two years with sweating palms and a constant state of awareness to find inspiration for her next book.

As she leaves the last store and still no inspiration in sight, Jasper “just so happens” to collide with Onyx, but his arrogancy knows no people skills and immediately stated his case, all but begging her to help unbrainwash his sister. Onyx snorted before breaking out in unhinged laughter. Real Life Onyx was nothing like Main Character Onyx.

Harnessing the courage to say no!, Onyx finds herself curious. Joining a possible cult didn’t sound appealing at all to Onyx, but she couldn’t lie to herself. What if it wasn’t? What’s the worst that could happen? Famous last words…


Onyx and Jasper have been living rent-free in my brain since April 12th when we started building their story.

It’s time to let them free on the page.

And it is time for me to write. First, a word, then a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a chapter, and a book.

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