Product Review: Cozy USB Covers

Cozy Covers do exactly what they are supposed to do - protect your lifeline. They protect your cords so you can go on all the adventures you want, without worrying if you are going to run out of charge, without worrying if your plug will get wet and short circuit.

Product Review:
Cozy USB Covers

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The amount of USB cords my little family of four has gone through in just the last five years alone – is insane.

The number of USB cords that have broken not because of the wiring but because the metal piece(s) has been bent – is ridiculous

My kids may be rough with the charging cords, and I may have left my laptop charger in the wrong place, but we go through USB charging cords faster than a Jetplane reaches Mach-1.

It has gotten so absurd, that last year I finally went on the hunt for a solution. We had gone through all of our back-ups that we accumulated over the years and I couldn’t afford to keep dishing out $10+ for a new cord every other week.

Something had to change.

Finding the perfect USB Cover

I had tried searching for a solution a few years ago, but came up empty and gave up.

But after I accidentally left my computer charging cord on the ground in just the right spot that my mom inadvertantly squashed it while moving her stationary bike – I had a mini-panic attack.

Life without my computer was/is unacceptable. I am a business owner and my computer is my life.

So I pulled up Google, typed “USB cover thingy”, crossed my fingers and my toes, and hit search.

To my pleasant surprise, I found Cozy USB Covers* almost immediately.

Not one to settle, I opened a few more tabs to do a thorough search. Money is tight, so I needed to make sure I was picking the best possible option to solve my problem.

Because at the end of the day, when you have a problem, you aren’t going to hand your money over to just any solution. Nope. You are going to hand over your hard-earned cash for a solution that does what it says.

Why you might need a USB cover

Before I get into the nitty-gritty as to whether or not Cozy USB Covers solves the problem it says it’s going to solve, let’s first take a look at why you might just need a USB cover.

If you move your charging cord from place to place – you need one. Period.

If your charging cord doesn’t follow you around, or if it never disconnects from whatever it is charging – then you do not need one.

However, I am not going to lie. They are super handy and fairly inexpensive to keep on hand.

Basically, if your USB cord is going to be exposed to the elements – rain, sand, dirt, dust bunnies – or thrown into a prime squashing situation, like bottoms of purses and backpacks – invest in a USB cover.

They will save you a mini-panic attack or two while waiting for the Amazon truck to arrive after your computer, your phone, your headphones – lose charge.

Types of USB Covers

To add a layer of confusion, all covers are technically considered stoppers. There are two distinct categories – protector plugs and covers. And while all stoppers do the same thing, they do not all have the same purpose.

Protector Plugs are caps you can place directly into the internal ports on your computer or phone when not in use. These stoppers help keep dust and water out of sensitive components.

Covers are caps that you use to cover the external USB, or that pesky metal charging connection piece.

While none of the stoppers on the market were made to be indestructible, they are all designed with keeping the elements out.

Whether they are rubber, silicone, or plastic – they do the job you want them to – protecting valuable technology so you can avoid a low battery mini-panic attack.

Picking the right USB cover

When picking a USB cover, it’s important to keep in mind what you need it for, how often you are going to be removing it, and how easy you lose things.

Because let’s be honest. All USB covers are small and super easy to lose. Thankfully, most of the plugs come in packs of multiples.

And that is how I ultimately landed on Cozy USB Covers.

Why choose Cozy USB Covers

A friend of Ben Martinek – designer and founder of Cozy Covers – gave him the idea, but he didn’t “tackle the problem” until he was “riding up the mountains in Taiwan, and a friend’s Garmin Computer shorted and died…from a wet USB cord.”

The rest is history.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, his invention – which started as a cover for old Macbook chargers – has evolved into covers for Apple Pencils, AV adapters, HDMI covers, USB-C, A, and Lightning/Micro USBs.

But the reason I chose this particular cap over any other – was the leash that slips over the USB, attaches to the cord, and ensures the cap doesn’t get lost the second you remove it.

The only downside to this USB cover, and all covers on the market honestly – is that they ONLY cover the metal piece. So while my mini-panic attacks are 99% non-existent now, I would be on cloud 9 if Cozy Covers were to create a product that also covers the shield and the most vulnerable piece of the cord right behind that.

Other than that one downside, Cozy Covers do exactly what they are supposed to do – protect your lifeline. They protect your cords so you can go on all the adventures you want, without worrying if you are going to run out of charge, without worrying if your plug will get wet and short circuit.

And most importantly, they are attached so you won’t lose them.


In the end, I chose Cozy USB Covers because it was the best option for me.

I needed something I wouldn’t lose, that was easy to attach, that was snug, and that protected my cord so I could throw it haphazardly into my bag, carelessly move rooms, or let my kids borrow my chargers without adding a new USB cord to my shopping list.

The cover itself is built from Medical Grade Silicone, so it is not a silver bullet that will deem your plug indestructible. But it does alleviate worries enough for users to realize they made the right choice.

Plus, Cozy Covers are not only super affordable with a pack of 4 USB-C caps costing $6.24 (plus S&H, at the original publishing date of this review), but they are also trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

Bonus, if you buy 50+ – Cozy Covers can personalize them so you can hand them out at your next trade show or event.

Heck, even if you don’t personalize them, these are perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for the people in your life that are just like me and can’t seem to stop breaking cables.

In the meantime, Adventure on with Curiosity,
-Kelly Steele, MBA (she/her)

P.S. I purchased these back in October 2021 and haven’t broken a single charger since. I think that’s a personal record.

*Full disclosure – this is not a sponsored post and I have not received anything in return for this review. But if you want to purchase your own set of Cozy USB Covers – use this discount code: saveme10 at checkout.

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