A world without content is a world without electricity

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A world without content is a world without electricity.

I woke up this morning to my dogs panicking because a high pitched BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP was bouncing off the walls.

(Side note: it was then that I suddenly realized that I texted my cousins’ group to tell them to let the dogs out so I could try to sleep away this migraine…..instead of my husband. No wonder he didn’t take them out for me…..dammit I can only be mad at myself…)

I jumped out of my bed. I picked up my phone because my first thought was that I must have changed my alarm mid-slumber. I do some weird things in my sleep. Questioning my sanity – I held it to my ear – nope. Not my phone.

I looked around, puzzled and most definitely not awake but now in a state of panic. We don’t have too much electronics in our bedroom.

Then it hit me. But I didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t possibly be. My already possessed fan was trying to come to life…again. So I unplugged it as quickly as possible. Phew. Crisis averted.

Turns out – our power went out for a couple of hours this morning.

And it angered my possessed fan enough to scream bloody murder to get my attention. At least that’s what I imagine was happening…

We are on the same power grid as our local Police Department so we are VERY rarely out of power for more than a few minutes.

I didn’t even realize our power went out until I went outside and my Mom and Aunt were conversating.

Their work computers were shut down they told me because the power was out.

Ooooohhhhh – that explained a lot.

Like the smart-ass I am, I responded “at least I only have a laptop and it is fully charged so I can get some work done still.” To which my Aunt starts to giggle and reminds me that the Wifi is down…

…at least I have my hotspot on my phone she reminded me.

Truth: Naps are funner. Yes. I said funner.

For a few hours this morning – I time-traveled to a world without constant buzzing. CONSTANT. Buzzing. The girls were asleep. The dogs were quiet in their kennels.

The bubbler in our fish tank was off, the fridge was off, the ice maker became a sauna.

It was the most cathartic silence…and yet the most boring.

I mean…I could have turned on my hotspot…but a morning nap sounded funner.

Ahh, the joys of being a #solopreneur.

(narrator: she did in fact attempt a morning nap but it was too quiet…eerily quiet…unsettling quiet..)

But the silence made me think. 

Truth: Content is everywhere. Every. Where…everywhere

It is no secret that we are surrounded by messages. Messages of where to go, what to buy, things to do. Not a moment goes by that we are NOT enveloped in noise.

Everywhere we look – there are signs, billboards, ads.

On our phones, our favorite websites, on the radio, TV, and every streaming service in between.

There are ads on company cars that we pass on our way to the grocery store. Which also so happens to be a giant advertising warehouse in and of itself.

“NEW” Oreo; “Try this”; “Buy one get one free.” Anyone else a sucker for the seasonal section?

Be honest – how many of you also choose your Wines or your Beer – on catchy labeling? Me. I am that human.

Which reminds me. I ate the rest of the Oreos last night. Don’t tell my 9yr old…

Moving on. As humans whose legacies survive on storytelling – SURPRISE! We are also walking talking word-of-mouth referral machines. And billboards (think Nike). And advertisers (think that funny meme you retweeted).

“Slept wrong? Go visit my chiropractor – they are the best!” “Need a new fridge? Don’t buy through Costco online – you will be waiting forever…”

Hey…I didn’t say all the content and referrals would be positive.

What I am trying to say, is that you cannot get away from the content. Marketing to humans is like water to humans. Can’t live without it.

Unless you venture into the woods. And even then – some of your 10 essentials – like that fancy first aid kit – are in a package that has content. Not to mention that you might cross paths with a trail sign or two.

Truth: Our brains prefer cruise control

During my undergrad program – I remember one of my marketing assignments was to pick a sign on the way to class and analyze it. Analyze why the entity chose that location. Analyze whether or not the messaging was successful or not. And analyze why it piqued our curiosity.

I don’t remember the sign I chose or what my analysis was. It was more of a lesson in how we are inundated with content. In. Nun. Dat. Ed.

But I do remember that even though I had driven that same route for years – I was amazed at how much advertising was on that route. You couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a different billboard or sandwich board or stapled sign to a telephone pole.

We get to a point where we tune things out. Either we see the same messages over and over again.

OR the messages don’t pique our curiosity. So we stop paying attention.

Our brain enjoys cruise control. It’s easy.

But the messages are still there. The marketing is still there. The noise – is still there.

In the modern world (today) – companies have to change it up to stand out. You know that. You know that to get the attention of a prospect today whose attention span is that of a child who doesn’t want to do their chores – you have to do something different.

Otherwise – let me rip the band-aid off for you – you will blend in like this wall full of bricks. Full Stop. (If you want the sugar coating – that will cost you extra.)

Dare: Imagine a world without noise

Next time you venture outside – I dare you to count how many marketing messages you come across on your round trip route. Whether it be on the radio your vibing too or the sign spinners – count it all.

  • Bonus step: I double-dog dare you to pick a sign that stood out to you and analyze it. One that piqued your curiosity enough to want to know more.

And then – I want you to imagine a world without content.

What would that look like? How would that affect your community?

How do companies market – without content?

A world without content is a world without electricity. Profound silence…and boring.

I am a copywriter and my mission is to help create vibrant content that will pique curiosities in a noisy world.

DM me if you need help creating curiosity-piquing content. I want to help YOU stand out

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