Adventures in Solopreneurship: First Weekend of a Planned Unemployment – Pt 4

Pt 4 – Unwind I must. Relax I can….Maybe…

Day 472 – Sunday, June 27th, 2021

It is 7pm on Sunday….and my body is telling me it’s 30 mins till bedtime which means I really shouldn’t be lounging around being mesmerized by the ping pong Olympic tryouts….

Have you ever watched competitive ping-pong? It’s intense. Even the ball hits with a dramatically crisp ping….pong…

Until it flies off the side of the table and ping ping pongs…..

Where was I? Oh yes – I can feel my chest tighten as it struggles in limbo as my body tries to figure out which direction to go.

My brain is trying to sort this situation out in the only way it knows how – talking to itself. My brain agrees with my body that it might just be time to wind down for the night….with a catch*

(*I no longer have to wake up no later than 450am for fear of being fired)

I have dreaded Mondays for 6 years and 5 weeks. My existential dread has compounded over the years as callers have felt empowered to be angry if the wind blows the wrong direction.

Tomorrow is a Monday. Everyone calls on a Monday. Everyone expects to be taken care of the moment they hit dial. Mondays lack empathy.

And as an empath – it’s been a struggle…..

But tomorrow’s Monday… a new one. It’s a new day. Literally.

I have never experienced a Monday like what is about to happen. I honestly don’t know if my happiness meter is ready for this….

Because after Monday…comes a new Tuesday, a new Wednesday, a new Thursday, a new Friday….a new weekend….

Heck…..every day feels like it has a potential to be a weekend because for the first time in my 33 years……34 in 3 days…..for the first time in my life – I can 1000000% say that I am doing what I am meant to be. I am doing what I am passionate about.

The rest is just sprinkles on top.

So because I do not need to rush to bed….and I can finally go to bed as the same time as my husband for the first time in 6 years….I think it’s family movie time…..

Signing off.
Remember-  Adventure on with Curiosity!

Want to know if I can figure out this new concept of relaxing? Me too….

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