Pawsitively Perfect Podcast

This week, has been insane.

I believe there are no coincidences, but merely the universe giving us what we need, when we need it.

For example, I had an epiphany exactly 1 month ago.

Spirited Wolf Media, was born.

Spirited Wolf Media – an adventure that I have been piecing together slowly. Thinking thru what exact trails I need to connect with that will be lead me to actualizing my dreams.

I started with separating my main blog.

Then I created the umbrella company that all the other ones will link back to, but yet remain completely separate.

  • Spirited wolf media
  • Spirited wolf photography
  • Finding anchors in the storm
  • Super Steele Family Adventures – blog and youtube vlog
  • Super Paws Pack
  • Life of a scout
  • And future home of Pawsitively Perfect Podcast, where everyone is part of the Pack

1 month ago, I focused on the first 6 of the above, making sure blogs were completely separated by theme, styles were consistent.

Over the past month, I have continue to refine and adapt what themes I want to present at each site.

But that last item on the list, has been a dream of mine for awhile. I am obsessed with podcasts. Probably a little too much.

I introduced the girls to podcasts, and now they listen to them on their tablets!

I have had this dream for the past year.

But I didnt know what I wanted to focus on. I had an extremely hard time with visualizing how it would all come together.

I would throw an idea at the wall, but like a stiff noodle, it didnt stick.

Idea after idea…were never right.

My soul gave up.

So I put the idea of a podcast….on the backburner.

Until 1 hour ago.

Yes. I cannot sleep. At all. Dogs are on top of me. They finally relaxed. But I have tried leaving bed twice now… and Happy the Husky growled and laid her body with the umph of dead weight across my chest and pushed me back, where I landed on my husbands head.

Dont believe me? Here’s proof.

Happy is Alpha of the Super Paws Pack. And like her, I too am having a hard time relaxing.

Anyways, where was I?

Oh…yes. My dream to host a podcast.

I asked my family for advice on what I should name my company.

I told them I was in no hurry. And immediately proceeded to give them 2 minutes before I listened to my soul.

But I couldnt shake one of the names my husband provided.

Pawsitively Perfect

And thus, my dream of hosting a podcast, was slowly becoming a reality.

But my goal was to get in a routine, and build my brand and my other trails…. and then begin a podcast.

I was thinking in about 6months or so.

But…..I am ready to start it now.

As in right this moment – 1225AM Sunday, March 15th 2020, on the dawn of Quarantine on The Compound: Day 2.

Visions and thoughts and ideas have been swirling around my head about what this podcast may look like.

But it never went further than my inner voice.

I never wrote anything down.

That is….until now.

Omg. Happy the Husky finally unsuctioned herself from my uncomfortably placed body and is now laying on the floor next to my side of the bed. Time to get in a better blog writing position before she comes back.

Ahhhhhh so much better. Even with Helios the Husky glued to one of my legs.

So, back on track.

Pawsitively Perfect Podcast – where everyone is part of The Pack

I want to talk to all people, with all abilities, and lifestyles.

From all communities – special needs families (which will be referred to as kids with super powers, or something like that).

I want to get to know real people, living real lives.

And share them with the world. Bring normalcy to this real life that all of us must live.

I want to connect with families, individuals, who are all fighting their battles bravely and courageously.

Because we can all learn from one another.

Learn how to perserve when we just want to quit.

Hear stories of survival and magical moments.

Go on an adventure in someone else’s shoes.

Because we are all in this together.

I want to bring light to the dark, shine it on the stories of courage and bravery.

Sharing with the world, how we all can, and do, find our own anchors in the storms.

So how am I planning on making my dream become reality?

Walk with me for a minute, read with your inner eyes closed so you too, can visualize this with me.

Since we are in quarantine, we need to connect. Somehow.

So virtual podcast it is. It can be done. It has been done.

But, I want to have a couple of cohosts. I have a couple of people in mind.

We would start with a debrief of our weeks.

First off, this is only going to be a once a week podcast, and it must happen in as real of time as possible. So…..I need to find a media editor. Adding that to my list.

We will have open and honest conversations about what is happening, in whatever aspect of our life that is important to us.

And then I want to connect with families, individuals, specialists, practitioners, leaders, followers, etc.

But, my brain wouldn’t let me stop there.

I am a photographer in my soul. So, for the humans we have the honor of adventuring with, I want to provide them with a thank you.

A thank you for coming to our brave space and finding the courage to share their truth.

But that’s not all.

While petting Happy and helping ease her anxiety as she is calming me down, my brain is still moving a mile a minute.

Clearly….it hasnt stopped.

I also want to somehow pay it forward. This little detail will need to be hashed out with my cohosts, but paying it forward, doing good deeds, spreading kindness and love, will be one of the main cornerstones that is going to help turn my dream….in to reality.

There are more details to be worked out. People to talk to. Excel sheets to be made.

Like remembering to practice self care. How does that look to you?

But I have never been more sure about my life’s mission and purpose, than this moment.

I told the universe 1 month ago that I was open and ready to receive what the Universe wanted me to receive.

The Universe is speaking.

And I am listening.

So stay tuned folks. You will not want to miss out.

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