The Epiphany, Part 7. Finale. I Promise

So it has been a couple days since I finished the last post aka the finale that was not the finale.

In other words, I have zero clue how I ended it, and life has been too beautiful at the moment for me to pause and reread what I wrote after living it.


So the husband and I had reached a brand new level of drunk and…disorderly.

Like….we were so drunk that it felt like we were falling in love all over again.

Life felt refreshed and new. Full of puppy love and ooooo shinies.

A spark was sparked that felt like it had dimmed considerably. And now, it was burning as hot as a pan of ooey gooey freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

But, it felt – right.

It felt like stars were aligning. Pointing directly from our souls to the universe.

It sounded like a room being so quiet, the only thing you can hear, is a feather from a hummingbird, swaying back and forth, down to the floor.

It felt like time, in those moments, had stopped. As if we were moved gracefully in slow motion while the world zoomed by chaotically.

It tasted like warm chocolate, hugging your taste buds, leaving only a memory.

It smelled like the moments leading up to the first rain. The moments in which cement opens its pores, dried grass stands wall in welcome, and leaves take notice of the fundamental, yet quintessential, change arriving soon.

These moments, are all what led up to 337am, the exact moment I realized my lifes mission, my lifes purpose.

It was as if the seas parted, the clouds disappeared, and I knew exactly what I needed to do next.

So….my epiphany.

Here is what you have been waiting for.

Can I have some drum roll please?

Wait. Hold on. Before I tell you about my epiph—-

Just kidding.

I told myself last year, that I needed to find my lifes purpose, convinced I would never find true happiness or figure out this thing called adulting.

Up until the year before that, I emotionally was dying and lost. I didnt understand why all the people I knew, seemed to have their life put together, their careers and passions all figured out…..and I didnt even know how to think like that.

But last year, I acknowledged that the first step towards finding my lifes mission, is just to start.

Anything. Everything. Just start.

Last year, I knew that if I could make money writing blogs, taking pictures, traveling, hiking, and somehow podcasting…..I would be in my utopia.

Write. Hike. Capture.

But how? Where would I start? Everyone can write and take pictures and podcast these days.

What makes me so special that I will be able to obtain this utopia?

Clearly, this first step of realizing my utopia, was just that….a first of many more steps to come.

So, then came the questions and answers I had with my inner voice. Somewhere deep within, I knew I knew exactly what I needed to do.

What do I love to do?

I love helping people. I am addicted to the adrenaline rush that pulses thru my body when I am able to come to the rescue. I love connecting with people.

What don’t I love/want to do?

I dont want to be a first responder, but rather someone that comes in afterwards to help recovery. I dont want to work odd hours, or any schedule that would take me away from my kids.

What are my strengths?

I am a fierce supporter of all abilities and the entire LGBTQ+ community. I am an expert at trying techniques, failing, researching, persisting. And I take damn good photos that the world deserves to see.

What are my weaknesses?

I dont believe in myself. At least I didnt use to believe in myself. I didnt think others would want to listen to me. I am nobody special. I am not perfect.


And THAT folks, is the exact moment, where the stars aligned, the aurora borealis shined bright, the seas calmed, and the earth stood still.

I sat straight up in bed. I gasped. I stopped talking to my husband.

And at 337am, startled, I said to him “I figured it out”.

“Huh? Wha? Huh?” He wasnt following.

“I figured it out. What my lifes purpose is!” I excitedly told him.

“Okaaaaaayyyyyyy………” he questionably said.

And this folks, is when I put vocal chords to what just clicked in to place.

Those are the exact words I texted to my bestie. But I didnt stop there.

A few hours and 2 trips to the emergency vet to take Luna in for surgery for a couple of stitches in her paw that wouldn’t stop gushing blood after she stepped on something sharp…..later……..

…..Spirited Wolf Media, was born.

Spirited Wolf Media

Home of: Spirited Wolf Photography / Finding Anchors in the Storm / Super Steele Family Adventures (blog and youtube) / Super Paws Pack (IG)

Future home of: Pawsitively Perfect Podcasting

A pack where everyone is born perfect and recognized.

A pack where our own oxygen masks are put on first.

A pack where both nature and nurture, matter.

And that, my friends, is how the week that could have gotten so much worse, ended up changing our future forever.

THE END! I promise.

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