The Epiphany, Part 3.

Welcome back to part 3!

The saga that led up to my life changing epiphany, continues.

So. Quick recap.

I had a busy week. My husband called my lazy. I passively aggressively guilt tripped him. We went to bed not talking to eachother, breaking all 5 of our unspoken marital rules. He slept downstairs uncomfortably, and I slept like a sedated hippo upstairs (I dont know what that looks like, but I imagine pretty comfy)

Phew. That was alot.

And that was just Monday!!! The Monday that was 792 days ago!

Enter Tuesday. I wake up at 3ish AM so I can work OT. Completed all my to dos for the day. The husband calls me per his usual after getting off work.

Reminding me he was on his way home.

I take a deep breath. And I have 2 options. Either I bring up his comment yesterday and speak AT him.

OR I can ignore it, remain calm, and let him bring it up first.

I chose the second option.

And damn. I played my role good.

So…..he didnt bring it up first.

He slept downstairs again. Me upstairs.

And Tuesday ended, much the same way it began. Surrounded in a thick fog of marital tension so thick, walking on legos barefoot would be much more enjoyable.

For him.

I quite enjoyed this moment.

We have been going through a phase. Where we just aren’t connecting, or even talking. We were roommates with benefits, teaming up to parent pur minions. Basically.

So off to bed we went.

Wednesday arrived abruptly.


No! Snooze!


No! Snooze!


Thankfully, Wednesdays are my short day. Because I have the honor of picking up E at 1236PM so she can attend her weekly therapy session.

BUT……PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I need to buy groceries Monday thru Friday, I order them online at 5am via Freddie’s Click n’ Ship. So on this particular day, I was able to pick the groceries up AFTER work and BEFORE E.

My husband was on break or lunch or something. Because my phone vibrated.

My wrist vibrated.

I took a look.

My husband.

I briefly think – about time he realizes what he said was wrong. We are now on day 2 of not talking to each other. Took him long enough to come to his senses.

“I know your mad at me for what I said but I’m not gonna apologize for it” he courageously texted.

Wait. What?

I read it again. And again. And once more for good measure.

He said that didn’t he.

Wow. Him and I are so not on the same page, or team, right now.

I had to reply. But I had to play this just right.

I have 2 options. React – OR – Respond. Be a temperature – OR – a thermometer.

I could either text-yell back at him. Knowing full well I will escalate the entire situation but at least he would know how upset I truly am.


I could text back with the spirit of a calm, cool, and collected cucumber (p.s. I don’t like cucumbers), acknowledging his statement.

Basically – last decade me vs. new decade me. Which version of me will win out?

For that answer, please return tomorrow for the answer!

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