When your inner voice needs a talking to!

Have you ever had a voice speak so loudly in your ear that you turn to see who is standing so close to you?

Your best friend? Husband? A kid?

Naturally, you expect if someone is speaking in your ear, with meaningful words of wisdom, it must come from someone you trust.

Whose existence you are aware of at least.

So you abruptly turn your head. And you end up with whiplash.

But no visible being is there.



I cannot continue with where I wanted to go.

About 2hrs ago, it was confirmed that the Trump Administration assassinated Iran’s Supreme Leader’s second hand man.

America has just crossed a very dark and very scary line. One that has massive fallout that cannot be undone.

It is one thing to have had the hypothetical thought that this was, in fact, a true potential.

A belief I have had since the very moment Trump announced his presidency.

But it is a completely different thing for the hypothetical idea to become reality.

We are in uncharted territory.

A stomach churning, soul crushing, fear induced insomnia, territory of despair.

WORLD WAR 3 may just have started.

As we were waiting for the last 10 minutes to pass before taking B to TKD tonight, I was watching breaking news with abated breath.

E kicked B off the computer bc it was in fact E’s turn. B went in to angry meltdown mode.

I got her in the car. She responded to my questions angrily. I remained calm and swallowed the words I wanted to say in response to her anger.

My soul knew what the breaking news meant. I am intelligent enough to understand and comprehend what the anchors were saying to us.

But to our 10 year old and our 7 year old? It was just noise. Another show on in their background.

We got halfway to TKD. And my soul told me that I needed to, no, I HAD, to explain to my 10 year old the gravity of the situation unfolding.

But why? She has severe anxiety. I know this will make it worse.

But something inside told me I had to explain to her what War is.

It’s when 2 opposing sides fight eachother, often times leading to hundreds or thousands or millions of innocent people being killed.

She knows about states. Like Oregon and Washington.

War is between 2 or more sides. For instance, if Oregon did something to Washington that they did not like, they could retaliate and attack all of Oregon. Hurting your friends and family.

I explained how WW1 and WW2 saw the lives of millions upon millions, being ended.

And then I told her that the Trump Administration just assassinated another country’s leader.

But first, I had to break down the importance of the person killed.

We discussed how she has a Principal, who has office ladies, and one of those office ladies is her favorite.

I then told her to imagine if another school killed her favorite office lady and left.

I asked her how that would feel.

She replied: Angry. (A little less in her angry meltdown mood)

I told her that Trump just assassinated Iran’s Supreme Leader’s second hand Man.

She now understood the importance of that connection.

And then I told her that Iran, along with North Korea, and Russia, have the capabilities of hurting our neighbors, our friends, our family, with nuclear weapons, and missiles and drones and military personnel, and terrorist attacks.

I told her that her high school friends, our next door neighbors son (and her friend), could be drafted to fight this war.

And that this war would cost the lives of many people.

I could feel the sadness weighing her down. And the gravity of the situation was taking hold.

So why did I tell her this instead of keeping her in the dark?

Because I ended our conversation with this.

I told her that it is ok to be angry and feel those emotions. But it is not ok to be angry bc you didnt get your way. It is not ok to take it out on others bc it was your sisters turn on the computer and you didnt feel you were done.

I told her that her anger was misplaced and meaningless right now.

And I told her, that she needs to starting thinking about others, that others exist. And that the world does not revolve around her.

And we reminded eachother, that we need to be kind to one another, love one another.

Bc this world we live in, just got 50 shades darker and scarier.

P.s. can we have 2019 back?

Note: Yes. I do know this is an extremely basic explanation of what is currently unfolding right now.

Yes. I am aware that I left out much of the intricacies of who did what, and when, and why.

Yes. I am aware that the man the Trump Administration assassinated was a very evil man and his enemies will sleep a little easier knowing his reign of terror is over.

Yes. I am aware that B’s principal is a much better person than the one killed.

This was not meant to be an all encompassing history lesson.

This was meant to be a lesson in how the world is bigger than yourself. Which is something B has been struggling to understand lately.

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