Groot In A Boot: Santa’s New Recruit

Happy Holidays from the cutest Guardian of the Galaxy.You may be wondering where my good friend Elf is. And why the boot?Well, your parents wrote a letter to Santa, asking him to send one of his special Elf’s to help them keep an eye on the two of you.Santa is trying new things this year. He knows how important believing in magic is to children and wants to be able to offer more personalized services. Being the great innovator he is, he decided to recruit some special characters from all over the universe to come work alongside all of his special Elf’s.Baby Shark is flying on a Western Meadowlark to the Cinnamon Family.Barbie is riding in a Ferrari and headed to the Gingerbread Squad.Woody stuck in a Cookie is being hand delivered to the Sugar Tribe.And my good friends – Trolls on Poles – are being launched to Dough Village.Santa also heard that you two have had a very big year! B, he is so impressed with how hard you have been working in TKD.And E, Santa told me to tell you that he is super jolly watching how amazing you have been doing at school.But more importantly, Santa knows how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. Even when doing the right thing is the hardest.So he knew that you two would make a great home for one of his new elf recruits!And that is where I come in!I was hanging out on our ship, rocking out to “Hooked on a Feeling”, watching Star Lord dance around, listening to Rocket moan and groan as usual, and laughing at Gamora rolling her eyes at Star Lord so hard that she accidentally woke Drax up.We were traveling thru the Milky Way Galaxy, when all of a sudden, a letter suddenly appeared on my lap.I don’t know how he did it. Just kidding.I do.He is Santa.Thankfully, Santa’s magic knows no bounds. Because Outer Space goes on and on and on and on…..Did you know: Fun Space Fact: The Milky Way Galaxy is 105,700 light-years wide. It would take a modern spacecraft 450 Million years to travel to the center of our galaxy! Where was I?Oh yes – the letter your parents wrote appeared on my lap, along with a note from Santa.”Dear Groot,I have your very first mission!The parents of the Steele girls asked for a special Elf to be sent to their home to keep an eye on their girls during this holiday season.The girls have had a long year. They have struggled but always conquer their fears in the end. I know they love superheros and find comfort in their heroes when they are having bad days.
So I knew that you, Groot, would make the best Elf for these girls.Please do let me know immediately if you accept this mission!Happy Holidays and Ho HO Ho,
Santa Claus”Santa is pretty famous. Even here in the Milky Way Galaxy.So of course I accepted the mission, because here I am!I don’t know about you – but I am super excited for this mission! We are going to have so much fun!But before the fun can begin, I do have to let you know about the non fun stuff – also known as – the rules.Dun Dun dunnnnnn *Groot Eye Roll*Please do not touch or move me. Santa gave me limited amount of his magic so that I can report back to him every night.Also, I was given a special spaceship from The Avengers that has a cloaking shield. I know how busy you girls are during the day, so I needed to be able to keep an eye on you outside of the home.You can try and look for me….And because you girls are so busy during the day, Santa gave me special permission to check in on you right before you go to bed, instead of when you wake up in the morning like his original squad of Elf’s do.But you better go to sleep, because that is when the magic that Santa gave me – is the strongest. It is super important that I am able to visit Santa every single night to let him know how good you girls are!You are good girls…right?And please remember, this is the first season of Santa’s new recruit program, so there is bound to be hiccups. But that’s what makes this all the more special!Wait! Stop!! Why did I arrive in the boot? Because it rhymes of course!Some traditions are perfect just the way they are.Oh, and one last thing. No need to name me.Because I am Groot. And I quite like my name.And on that note – head on off to bed so that I can report back to Santa on how our first meeting went!

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