Little Steps: Day 3 – Practicing Patience

Day 3: 0.0 miles / Total miles: 2.41 / Days left: 176

Both kids woke up with fevers. Again. So it was time to call the dr. And take them in.

I always have an idea of what my day is going to look like. I am a planner and an organizer.

And I am extremely resistant to change.

Oh. That’s where E gets it. Makes sense.

But. The kids have been sick too long. It’s time to get them checked out.

I had to convince myself that it was OK to not go on a walk today. And that it is in fact a great idea to not go on a walk today.

I did 2 miles in 2 days. The most cardio I have done in a LONG time.

If I push myself too hard now, my little steps will have to cease for awhile.

And I dont have time for that.

Btw, both kids tested positive for Influenza A. And B had that and an ear infection. Sick babies 1. Mom 0.

It was a stressful 2 hrs. 75 mins in the doctors office with 2 sick kids that have adhd and anxiety. Another 45 minutes waiting for the right prescription to be filled.

In my head, I was walking on a gravel path between trees as green as fresh grass, and as tall as sky, as sun beams played hide and seek.

Today would have been a really good day to go for a walk and destress.

Instead, it was a really good day to practice my patience and ability to go with the flow.

Which is definitely a work in progress still.

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