Little Steps: Day 2 – A Child’s Pace is a Good Pace

Day 2: 1.32 Mi

My kiddos woke up with a fever. Again. I think they learned how to warm themselves up under a light. Because their only symptom is a fever.

So no school, or Taekwondo, again for them.

Ugh. Fevers throw a wrench in to everything. Every. Thing. Your world literally comes to a screeching halt.

Which meant I needed to go with the roll and let whatever happens, happen.

I am not good with change. And so far the first 2 days of this journey, has thrown curveball after curveball.

2 weeks ago me, would have just said fork it and threw in the towel.

Instead, I loaded up the dog, and my youngest decided to join me today.

She is still sick. But I figure a little fresh air wont ruin her. This is the child that could swing, and jump, and move, for hours without pause.

And I am actually pretty happy with how our walk went.

Watching her interact with our adventure, was pretty magical.

We looked at the map. And she surprised me with her knowledge!

I let her pick the directions we went and the side trails we ventured on.

We walked down a recently dried (thank goodness) side trail and saw some kids and their dad playing in the creek. Their dad said when the water is lower, there is a rock path that you can walk across.

E told him if you get too close to the edge with a scooter (which she brought, which I allowed, which she now agrees to not do it again), you will fall in.

Yes child. You are not wrong.

We walked pass the family and hit a dead end where a tree had fallen across the path.

It didnt look like it went anywhere currently, so we decided not to hop over it. Which made E a little sad. But we did see a natural dam and we talked about why dams exist. Maybe it is a beaver home. Or an otter den. Or just remains that didnt make it downstream in the last rain storm.

She pointed out a really neat tree whose roots were growing around and thru an old stump.

I got to tell her about a giant root system that was uprooted when a tree fell (and I guess this is now “her” tree).

She told me it wouldn’t be good to fall in to the water below because you could die.

She found “writing” she wanted me to read. So I did. I explained to her that this park was created with the help of a family that loves nature and want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience natures beauty.

I told her about the section that was cordoned off for trail healing. That people are not supposed to walk in that area so that trees and plants and vegetation can grow strong to provide us with oxygen and all the good benefits that come with.

We walked for a while.

And then she told me that she didnt like it when people hurt the trees or cut them down. But if the wind blows them over, then that is ok.

I agreed. Wind blowing a tree over is a natural occurrence.

It was a quick walk through nature. In a forest in the middle of massive, sprawling, neighborhoods.

One day, when we have more time, we are going to look at the trees. And not just see them, but feel them. And identify them.

We live in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by some of the most amazing trees. Yet I cannot tell a dead tree from a live one. Or an oak from. Cedar.

I do know what a Monkey tree and a willow tree are! So….I am not completely clueless.

When I started envisioning my little steps journey, I envisioned my goal. Crossing the Bridge of the Gods in one piece, after 52 miles.

And to get there, I knew I needed to start moving. And prepare. And plan. And work.

I knew I needed to start with one foot in front of the other. Aiming for 1 mile without dying.

I knew I was going to take my puppy. And my day pack.

I knew I was going to have to fight my inner desire to take a nap instead.

I knew that I wanted to do this. With every fiber of my being. I knew that this goal, is my passion.

What I didnt know, is that along the trail, I would experience the forest through my child’s eyes.

I didnt know I would hear my child speak so passionately about loving the forest and taking care of our trees.

And I didnt know how much I needed to experience this adventure today.

Sometimes it is the little details that prove you are on the right path.

And 56 mins and 19 secs later, I am a few more little steps closer to reaching the summit.

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