2B Day 8: A Case of the Monday’s

Day 8 – 301.3lbs (Total Loss: 2.7lbs)

Well. I gained some weight back. And I feel so bloated. And PMS cramps are the worst. I wanted to go back to bed the second I woke up.

It was just a case of mondays. A very disorganized organized chaotic monday.

I had a very teeny tiny small window to get from work to pick up Thing 2 and take her to the first horse therapy session. And I made it with 1 minute to spare. That was my day yesterday.

And then Thing 2 and I had to rush to pick up groceries (so so so thankful for Freddie’s click n ship..makes my life so much easier). Rush home to put them away. Take all 7 pups out for a few because Thing 2 had OT last night.

And before I could blink, OT was over and I had to rush and pick up Thing 1 from TKD. Then we ran home. I got all the pups out again. And then lost 1. And then lost 2 kids bc they went to go look for said lost pup. For some stupid reason, I trusted them to go up the hill by themselves.

And then I found 1 pup. And then I tracked down the chitlins in the backyard of some random neighbors house that let them in the backyard to see if our dog was back there……yeah mom fail for the win.

Ohplusalso..the SuperHusband was going to help but he had to take his truck to the dealership to get fixed and he couldn’t get a rental. I offered to pick him up but he took the max and walked home instead. So he was in a fantastic pissy mood.

I am a people pleasure. I have only just started realizing that I need to put everyone else first and make sure they are all happy before I can even think of my happiness.

But I couldn’t help my husband last night. So I went to bed early. It was the only way for me to just end this out of control hamster wheel.

What I Learned: Not prepping on Sundays for the week ahead…is setting myself up for failure. Because on Mondays…the last thing I want to do is cook. Drive thru anyone?

Mood: I am just trying to put out the least amount of effort in our crazy go to go world. We will see how my lack of motivation shows up on the scale tomorrow.

Today’s Anchor: One step in front of the other. When you are just feeling eh, the best thing you can do, is to just keep moving. Moving forward may be the last thing on out to do list. But moving forward will be the anchor in the storm.

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