2B Day 3: Listen Closely!

Day 3 – 303.1lbs (Total Loss: .9lbs)

Ok so, I paid the price at the scale this morning for last night’s dinner detour. But I am still down from where I started! So there is that!

I definitely need to increase my veggie intake. And I need to incorporate more exercise.

But…I can already tell my clothes are fitting a little looser. My skin is a little smoother. And my wedding ring – may come off again (I haven’t been able to take it off since a couple months post wedding 3 years ago!). I think I am more excited about that than anything! I need to get it cleaned and all sparkly again.

Moving on. I am super motivated for this new adventure. Which means I am ready to go all in. Which means I will burn out at some point. And then I will fail. Hard. When I had my gallbladder removed via emergency surgery – that was MY wake up call that I needed to start putting my oxygen mask on first. Now, my closest friends and family have told me multiple times up till then that I need to slow down and take a pause. But that is not how I do life. And that is how I ended up almost dying.

So I have made it a priority – to recognize when I need to just stop and take a quick break. A quick break every so often – is much better than a 3 week medical leave of absence. Or even death.

And today – I did just that. I decided I need to call a “T” (aka timeout) for this afternoon. I needed to slow down. And I rescheduled my less important tasks for tomorrow. Unfortunately – one of those things – was my brunch time walk. I have had a couple things slip thru the crack that I needed to urgently attend to during that time.

On a side note – I went to Lane Bryant bc I had a lot of Real Women Dollars to spend so I bought a bunch of clothes that are smaller sizes. Because that is how much I believe in myself now! Didn’t realize that was even possible – believing in myself!

oh oh ohplusalso – Thing 2 and I dropped off Thing 1 at her weekly guitar practice and went to the bakery like usual. Every Wednesday we arrive at 310pm like clockwork. Thankfully, I had just made my shake and it satisfied my never ending sweet tooth, allowing me to not feel bad about not getting a sweet treat at the bakery, like usual. I looked at the delicious, mouth watering, ooey gooey, treats – not for myself, but to read them for Thing 2 who cannot read. I didn’t even have a quick thought about what I might get. So Strange!

What I learned: Sometimes you just have to be flexible with your priorities. Because in order to be successful, we cannot burn out. We need to make sure all aspects of our lives are taken care of properly and not cast aside. And also that by giving our body what it needs to thrive, we don’t need all the extra ooey gooey delicious treats.

Mood: This isn’t so bad! I am enjoying how my clothes are fitting these days.

Today’s Anchor: Listening to what my body is saying!

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