If you read only one book ever again….read George

You may or may not have heard about this book. I personally only recently heard about this. It was definitely not on my to do list or anywhere near it, to make time to read it. But after the school principal told me yesterday quickly that he decided to read this book to support Thing 2 in any way he could, and after he told me that he loved it….well….I finished it today.

And here are my thoughts:

First off, I full heartedly believe that all kids need to read this book. All humans should as well. We all need to learn how to respect our fellow human beings. But I am not entirely sure if it’s appropriate for the 4th grade and under age group. But with that being said….yes, I will have Thing 2 (a current 2nd grader) read it here soon, just because of the journey we are going on as a family.

I honestly dont care what your religious beliefs are or what your political stance is.

If you are a human….one with a beating heart (either cold and hard or fiercely pumping), you need to read this book.

If you deal with kids, or with any other human being in general, you need to read this book.

If you have a comment – either positive or negative – about LGBTQIA rights, specifically the T of the alphabet soup, you need to read this book.

If you just want to add to your knowledge base, you need to read this book.

Just read the book. If I had 0 interruptions today….I would have been done in under 3hrs.

If you are having a hard time understanding, or want to make fun of, or mock, or bully, or just dont get how someone can believe they are anything but the body parts between their legs….you need to read this book.

If you know someone in your life that is going on their own gender creativity journey, read this book.

If you want to know how to be more supportive….why haven’t you read it yet? Jk….I didnt even make it a priority until I woke up this morning.

But you get my point….

So what is your excuse for not reading this book?

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