Urban B & W Photography

*Share your Urban photos! Black and white or color…all are welcome!* Sorry for the lack of posting. I had a life altering event occur last week and I was forced to slow down. Not to take a break. There is no way I would be able to stop. I am apart of a photography Facebook […]

6 is the new 13

Oh my word. So I have been joking that Lil’ Miss is 8 going on 16. Well…add Mr. Man to that growing up way too fast list. He did just the most hilarious thing and has shown us that he is almost 6 going on 13. He comes down the stairs: Me and Baiey is […]

Night night meds

Me: *yelling up at SuperHusband to check on the kids to see if they are awake* it’s an hr past bedtime and if they are still awake…they need an extra quarter dose of night night meds *stop right there – night night meds are doctor approved!!!!!* Him: well duh, you know they are Me: So…Just […]