Don’t say that!

Oh my word people. Oh my word.

I always thought the saying “be careful what you wish for, it might just come true” was something silly one might say as a funny…not as a true warning.

Well….not anymore. While at the park with Mr. Man, I made small talk with a grandma that was there with her grandkid. And I have not a clue now what got us to this subject, but we were talking about ear tubes and infections.

I lovingly joked that my oldest had ear tubes, had to have another surgery to remove one, another surgery to repair a hole to that removal….and she still gets ear infections. But that thankfully she hasn’t had one in awhile. And that she is the type of lucky kid that would get her tonsils removed….and they would grow back!

Well…fast forward to bathtime. I am downstairs in a chore showdown with Mr. Man (I eventually did win). My stomach super queasy from eating eggs. And I hear what sounds like yelling…but Lil Miss loves to sing in the shower so I didn’t think much of it. And then….I hear a bloody murder scream. And I ran so fast up the stairs, I don’t even think my feet touched the steps.

I finally figured out whose bathroom she was in. And I get to her. And she is crying and so sad looking….and she says her ear hurts and she doesn’t know why.

Seriously kid? Seriously?

I know what I am doing on my brunch break tomorrow…calling the dr.



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