Photography Resolution

One of my New Years Resolutions for this year, was to start taking my photography seriously. Finally. I love photography. But I have never been serious about it.

Mainly because I don’t feel that others enjoy my work as much as I do. I dont want to fail. I despise being critiqued. I feel like my photographs aren’t great. There is nothing spectacular or awe-inspiring about them. There are a million and 2 photographers out there. I dont stand out from any of the rest.

Pure and simple: I fear failure.

So this year, I made a resolution that I would finally conquer one of my biggest fears…and stop being so secret about my creativity and artwork. I tell my kids every day to not care about how others think of them. Now it is my turn to follow my own advice.

I love photography because it is beautiful…to me. I don’t take pictures because I have to. My perspective is not for everyone. But no creation of art is. I want to share my photographs with all of you, because the more we share…the more we live. The more we experience.

The more adventures we all go on.

My only hope, is that at least one person is inspired by something they see in my photos. That I can have a profound positive effect on one person. That should be something we all strive for. If I can achieve that…nothing would be impossible.

Welcome to the Ruby Steele Photography Adventures page. Relax, listen with your eyes, and visualize with your soul wherever this adventure takes you.

Happy Adventures,
– Ruby Steele

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