20 minutes

*It’s a 2fer!*

Last wednesday, Mr. Man had to get a blood test done to rule out (or in) some stuff. (Side note: just got the results and everything is fine).

We normally have to prepare him for what he may expect, what might or might not happen, the possible sounds and smells. We break down everything….minute by minute as best as we can.

But last week….I made an executive decision to not prepare him. It was a conscious decision. I needed him to get into the building and back in to the blood draw room. Preparing him in this case….would never have let that happen.

However…the flip side to that, is that I knew, after the trauma he experienced, entering that building would give him issues in the future. I decided the cost would be ok. We would cross that bridge when we got there.

Well today…I had to go pick up some meds. From the pharmacy. That is in that building. Today…we had to cross the bridge.

It took 20 minutes. At least he was in shutdown and didn’t run. And at least he shut down after I got the meds and on our way to the car.

It took 20 minutes…but we crossed the bridge. This time.


Don’t let that smile fool you.

He has been in shutdown since we got home. Going on 1+ hr. He wont get out of the car.

And I am stuck on the porch. Bundled up. Because I am afraid he will just run up the hill.

I just rolled down the windows. Took his coats. Maybe he will eventually get too cold and evacuated the vehicle…..heh…with his temperature regulation issues…we are going to be here awhile.

Update! Grandmommy and Auntie Bug came and saved the day. They distracted and redirected him to going out somewhere. Phew.


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