Stuck in a hydroplane

Sometimes, when you hit a smooth stretch in your adventure…it’s easy to lose track of yourself, zoning out on the amount of little effort you have to exert.

Sometimes, you forget there can be potholes, dips, and tight corners. And you begin to get used to a life where you can just zoom down the highway without a care in the world, as the wind blows thru your hair, as you see no end in sight.

But then suddenly, the clouds come racing back as quickly as they scattered. The rain drops get bigger with each passing road marker. The winds begin to blow. You roll your windows up. Settling in your car, your eyes refocus, making sure to avoid the hydroplane lines.

It’s easy to get stuck in the hydroplane lines. Stuck in cycle that could send the whole adventure off the cliff.

So you readjust your hand placement to 9 and 3. Tighten your grip until your knuckles begin to turn white. But you know if you let go, well…it’s not an option. You can’t think of any world in which that is even a remote possibility.

So you continue driving on your adventure. Anticipating every bump, and figuring out an escape route, or at the very least…a workaround. And maybe perhaps brace for impact…or at least have enough cushions on hand in anticipation of being jostled around.

Tonight’s rough patch, brought to you by a plan derailed. His daddy planned to do something special with him. Mr. Man was prepared. Daddy was not at fault that their plans did not come to fruition. But Mr. Man got stuck in a hydroplane line.

This video, is a snapshot of what one type of his meltdowns looks like. He gets stuck. On anything. And it can be anything. Like popcorn at 3am. It took me about 30 mins to get him out of this hydroplane line. Sometimes I am on top of it and can say all the right things to get him unstuck quick. And other times, it can take way longer than 30 minutes.

P.s. he hurt himself on the table so that didn’t help the situation tonight.

#SuperSPD #SuperLo

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