Kid Date Night

Its a 2fer!

Kid date night was a success!

Daddy and Lil’ Miss went to a dance and stayed long enough for cake. And then he talked her into going on a truck test drive.

Mama and Mr. Man went to the craft store bc he wants to make “heart rocks” tomorrow. And then we ended up on the hardwood living room floor to eat cake.

It may not have been fancy schmanzy dates. But they were memory making dates. Especially since this was our first time doing this!

Pretty sure the kids spent more time getting ready than on the dates lol.

Next month: we be swapping kids. Where will the kids decide to take us next month?


My idea for a mommy/son date night was to go to a restaurant to eat something “fancy” thinking it would be cool and exciting for the boy.

But Mr. Man did not want to. So we decided to get dessert at the store and brought it home to sit on the floor, watch tiny toons on Hulu, and eat straight from the cake tray.

Sometimes, I forget about his sensory issues. But he told me restaurants are too loud and stinky.

So our intimate dessert….is perfect.


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