Living On a Rollercoaster

This life, is a roller coaster. A high speed, metal on screeching metal, roller coaster.

One where your face muscles hurt from smiling the hardest you have ever smiled.

And the very next moment, your heart jumps into your throat and your screams of terror slowly get louder as you see the next drop.

Without given a chance to breathe, you are plummeted 8 stories down and you are unable to hear yourself scream.

But then, you are abruptly brought to a crawl, as the pod you are in, begins the slow, uphill climb.

At least the uphill climb gives you time to catch your breath….even if for a milisecond or 2.

Case in point: the swing is Mr. Man’s all time happy place. Put that boy on a swing, and his eyes light up as they close to feel the wind on his face. The next moment, I am chasing slowly behind him as he is in meltdown mode….And walking up the hill and down the street. At least he didn’t run this time.

And…he was fashionable doing it.

Reason: he wouldn’t wash his hands because he finally verbalized to me that he does not like the sound of the water. That it hurts his ears.

I’m so proud of him for being able to tell me what he was feeling. That makes me cry happy tears. And sad tears all at the same time.



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