Depression. A regenerating dragon.

A Wrinkle In Time, chapter 1: finally complete!

(I downloaded a free ebook sample last night. Didn’t realize it ended halfway thru the first chapter)

Every day I wake up, I face the same dragon. And every day, I have to make a conscious effort to slay the dragon. I have to actively choose that today, will not be the day, I let depression be all consuming. Today, I will prevail. But tomorrow, a different dragon will emerge that I will need to face.

Depression, by itself, is exhausting. It is a one headed beast. But in the past few weeks, my one headed beast has multiplied. Say hello to PTSD and Anxiety.

Not only do I already have a hard time leaving home, I am now petrified of going anywhere alone with my son. On 2 outings last week, I broke out in cold sweats with worst fears running amuck in my brain.

And now, knots turn my stomach into a inedible pretzel, waiting for what pain our daughter will come home with next. My gut rises to my throat, day after day, as I struggle to figure what confidence building phrases she needs to hear next

This three headed monster….makes reality painful. But it is during my painful reality, that I relish my beautiful truth.

That I have 2 beautiful children, a superhero husband, pups and cats that drive me nuts with love, and an support network full of superheros that all people should have the honor of experiencing.

So thank you to everyone that helps me put one foot in front of the other every day. And thank you for joining my family and I on our adventures.


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