Conquer with Kindness

Well…. It’s been roughly a month that we have known about Lil’ Miss being bullied. And it’s been a long, rough, pain staking, tear jerking, adventure.

I have had conversations with her teacher, counselor, and principal.

Results of those conversations were maddening, to say the least. First of all, what is happening to Lil Miss is not “bullying”, but “every day squabbles” and “girls being girls” (don’t get me started).

In fact…the conversation with her counselor was the worst. She told Lil’ Miss, in front me, that she was lying and therefore being the bully bc the other girl was “different than her other classmates (i.e. African American)” and that the other girl “is the sweetest girl in the whole school and wouldn’t even hurt a fly”.

After that conversation, even she had me convinced for the next week, that my own daughter was lying. So we went down that path with Lil’ Miss. Until the other girl got caught hurting our daughter.

That was 2 weeks ago. Things still haven’t changed. In fact, they have gotten worse. Our daughter is now taking long showers to scrub off the cooties.

So today – I told her teacher that I am thinking of putting a hidden camera on my daughter to video tape what is actually happening.

And what do you know? The teacher thanked me for the email, said they had another class discussion about being nice to others, and are keeping a close eye on the girls.

Yeah…..maybe if they would finally talk to the group of mean girls one on one with their parents…..maybe things might change. But until then, I am documenting everything and am ready to fight.

Because my daughter shouldn’t need to worry about other girls telling her her hair looks like “poo”, being pushed on her behind, or getting her feet stamped on. She should be worrying about learning how to tell time and who is “it” at recess.

But for now…she is under strict orders to kill these mean kids with kindness, and to report every little thing. What 2nd grader needs to be worried about that?!


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