Words are Therapy

First bedtime story was a hit. Couldn’t have chosen a better one to start this new adventure I need to take.

The hammocks….are also a hit. I think tonight was the fastest they have gone to sleep. No fighting. No yelling. Just quiet.

Hey honey…if you cannot find me in our bed, look under the kids’.

It has been a rough number of days. And I am so sorry for ranting on social media. I need to vent some times. I find healing and strength thru my written words. I have tried writing a blog, but commitment is hard. So in the future….please feel free to not read my long winded posts. This is my way of processing my world and I wouldn’t be mad at all if you just kept scrolling.

With that being said, life is real. It is messy. It is chaotic. It is hardwork

But life is beautiful. It is an adventure. It is a blessing. It is worth it.

Life is worth it if we just keep persisting. To never give up. To always keep fighting. And to always have hope. Because today’s sadness, is tomorrow’s happiness.



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