Nightlife as a Parent

Snapshot of my nightlife as a parent:

Mr. Man passed out next to me in our bed. Passed out after a major meltdown bc he didn’t want a pull up on (he is not night trained, at all). Really, he just didn’t want to do anything besides shutdown. We try not to let our kids sleep in our sacred space…but when it’s literally the only thing that will end a meltdown…You gotta do what you gotta do.

Meanwhile, we are being serenaded by Lil’ Miss singing the Star Spangled Banner while she is taking her shower. She doesn’t know all the words by heart yet…but that doesn’t stop her from amazing me.

Every day is an adventure in our world. And as beautifully chaotic as it is, I wouldn’t trade any of our chaos for a second of peace. Ok maybe just a second or two.


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