Developmental Pedi Appt #2

When you get out of school early and have a long Drs appt, you get a cake pop.

(Fyi I know this is long, but read it. Trust me)

Here is an update: They confirmed he does have speech delay issues that, while they are improving, they are behind other same age peers. He definitely has Sensory Processing Disorder. And he probably, most likely, has anxiety.

In addition, while he has quite a few red flags for Autism, he is too social. But we can reevaluate later if need be.

For the sleep study (since I don’t think I updated last week, I am really not sure at this point. Life is a blur): he has Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (meaning his legs move so much at night that it wakes him up around 4 or 5). The Dr is also thinking he has an iron metabolizing disorder, so he is going to start iron supplements to hopefully ease some of the PLMD. BUT…..He is surprisingly hitting all the required sleep cycles he needs to succeed.

And for the best news (which we already knew) his non-verbal thinking/cognitive abilities are at par, and some are even above, his same age peers! Meaning, he is one smart cookie.

And finally, because our life is never dull, we always find an adventure that must be had. Today’s adventure: being stuck on the 7th floor during rush hour human foot traffic with only 1 of 3 elevators working. Hospital staff told us we couldn’t use the stairs bc an alarm would be set off and they talked to the hospital emergency staff and they said they couldn’t shut it off. So Dan and I and Mr. Man were prepared to wait however long. People all around us were getting extremely upset. Eventually another hospital worker came by and said “follow me, I take the staifs every day” and we started down the stairs regardless of the alarm.

So we walked down 7 flights of stairs. We were right next to the stair door so we were at the front of a very long line. And Mr. Man did so well going as slowly as fast as he could…hey at least nobody fell!!

I kept hearing people behind us continuing to complain about the situation. Which I get. 2 out 3 elevators were broken. But I kept reminding Mr. Man that we were on an adventure. And we were.

You always have to look at the positive. No matter how dark it is. Because if we didn’t have that little adventure, we would never have had to walk up a hill, in the freezing cold to get back to valet. And we never would have turned the corner to see the amazingly beautiful, fully lit Christmas tree.

It was a truly breathtaking sight. At least for me. It was a reminder that as long as we keep moving forward, no matter the hell we may currently be experiencing, it’s going to be ok.


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