You only have 1 moment

Take a moment to hug your loved ones tight Take the time to talk to a relative you only get to see once a year. Take the effort to truly appreciate the people in your life.

Because that moment, that time, that effort….it is short lived. It is fleeting. And you will never get that moment back. And you will regret what could have been.

And that is how I feel today. Because a great man on my husbands side of the family was lost last night. I barely knew him. But I could have known him more. If only I had talked to him more. If only I had sat next to him for another moment at family reunions. If only I had befriended him on Facebook.

If only. Its the story of our lives. Sending loves and prayers and positive light and warm embraces to all that knew Shad and was touched in one way or another by knowing him.


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