The boy that didnt need sleep

We had Mr. Man’s initial sleep study appointment today. It was to see if there was a need to do a sleep study. And we were soooooo close to leaving without needing one. And then she asked a simple question: “Does he ever twitch or move his legs at night?”

If you have known us long enough, or well enough, you may know that our beautisome boy has been a TERRIBLE sleeper since the day he was born. And I mean terrible, horrible, no good sleeper.

Woke up every 45 mins-1hr until he was 2. And then he moved to a big boy bed, and slept for 2 hr stretches. And then he started waking up at 3/4am, got thru all the locks and went playing outside. He then graduated to sneaking into grandma’s and aunties house. And then he FINALLY started self containing himself to our house around 3.5/4. We have tried everything. We have a routine. Give night nights. Doesn’t matter.

He just sucks at going to sleep and/or staying asleep. And he operates fine. Well….I am sure the lack of sleep does not help with his meltdowns and sensory issues.

Anyways, my answer to the Dr’s question was simply: “yes. He is a mover and a shaker whenever he sleeps”. He twitches. His whole body twitches. I thought it was always so cute. Wellllllll……..

Prior to that question, she was pretty sure our amazing young boy had ADD/ADHD (she put more weight on ADD though) and it was manifesting in his sleep. But with my answer, she thinks he may have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). It’s like nightime restless leg syndrome. It is treatable. But it is no fun to have.

So, we scheduled his sleep study for Thanksgiving Eve……yay….

And at the beginning of Dec, we will know if he does have PMLD, or if he actually has ADD. And we will go from there! We were originally referred bc his Dr thought that maybe, just maybe, he had a circadian rhythm issue (aka night owl)

Oh boy. He drives me crazy. Throws curveballs too fast for me to catch. But he is amazing. And he is all ours!


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