Indescribably Magical

This weekend, my husband and I went to a scouting leadership training camp for BPSA. We are each going to be parent leaders in the kids’ groups. We originally joined this group for our kids. But oh boy, this weekend has forever changed my life.

What happened this weekend, was indescribable magic. But I am going to try to describe it anyways.

It was like feeling the rain for the first time after a seemingly never-ending hot summer.

Or seeing the sun rise after months of bleak cold rain.

It was like eating the first piece of ooey gooey fudge brownie right as it gets to that perfect temperature.

Or hearing the gutteral belly laughs of children in all their innocence and purity.

This weekend, I experienced what I never knew I was missing. This weekend, like the changing foliage, I am entering a new season. This weekend, it’s like my life, finally found it’s missing piece.

This weekend, I unlocked something. Something at ease, peaceful; yet begging to run wild. Something…..indescribably magical.


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