What does it feel like?

I purposely did not watch This Is Us tonight bc I was not ready for an emotional rollercoaster today.

So instead, we watched The Good Doctor.

It is about a new surgical resident who has Autism and the challenges he faces.

And oh boy…I bawled the entire show. I am not going to give anything away. I think everybody needs to watch this show. But in one of the first scenes is when he arrives at the airport.

That scene, with all the noises, lack of filter, and the camera focusing on all the different things occurring that most NT people have no clue even exist…..is our son. That scene, is constantly happening everywhere he goes.

And that is why we are sometimes so wrapped up in focusing on him, bc triggers can happen literally at any moment, for literally any reason. And that will always happen, at least until he gets much better at self regulating, recognizing and verbalizing what triggers him.

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