Fate Happens

Sometimes, fate happens for mysterious reasons at the most illogical of times. But it is these moments, that we remember we are all connected.

I don’t believe in coincidences. But I do believe in fate. And 2 back to back events of fate happened this evening.

Without going in to too much detail (sorry, you can pm me or talk to me in person, bc its mot my journey to share with the world) The first, I just had a gut feeling about a situation and I am glad to have followed thru. The full impact of that fateful meeting may never be known. But I do hope it brought a sense of peace and calm to whatever storm that family was battling.

And the second event, well, maybe I was cashing in good karma points. Or maybe, it was the universe’s way of reminding me that we are where we are meant to be at this point in life.

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