Something “crazy”

So the husband I did something crazy today. I don’t even know why I’m considering it “crazy” bc everything we do seems to be crazy at this point.

A little background. Before we had kids, I heard about this “new” to Oregon scouting group that was all inclusive and not at all like the boy scouts and girl scouts. I said that when we had kids, I would join that scout group. Well, that was 8+ years ago. I totally forgot about it.

Fast forward to this spring when my hand physical therapist and I were discussing something and he said his kids were apart of this different scout group. Turns out, it was the scouting group I was interested in and had forgotten all about.

So today they had an open house today. It has been on my calendar for months. So we went. And it lived up to all my expectations and then some. Check it out at

We put our names on the list, and they said there were only a couple spots per group so they would pick by lottery who got in…..

…..unless……a parent decided to be a leader and then their kiddos would get in for sure.

… guess who signed up to be a leader? The husband and I. I volunteered him (he is secretly excited deep down). When you become a leader, you get to learn all the skills to. And I really wanted to learn. So I volunteered myself!!!

We have been camping so much, but have been doing our kids a disservice bc we really don’t do much outdoorsy stuff. So I am pretty excited.

We will try it for a year. But I think we will all have fun.

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