They listen to us

The most amazing thing happened last night.

Mr. Man said he wasn’t feeling well so we got him his throw up bucket and went to bed. About 30 mins later, Lil Miss came and alerted us that he got sick (they are sleeping in the same room). (No, this is not the amazing thing).

Daddy went in and cleaned his bucket out and I went down to get his zofran and some water.

I got back upstairs and handed him his meds and water to him, and Lil Miss looks at me and says “I have water, see here (and she holds up a sippy cup full of water)”

I reminded her that she is not allowed to drink anything past dinner. And she politely tells me “no mommy, I filled this up for Lolo”.

I told her thank you and went back to bed and asked my husband if he had told her to get water for him….he didn’t.

Awwwwwww baby girl is looking out for her baby brother. She did it all by herself, no one asked her to get him water. Makes my heart explode with happiness.

Most days, I wonder if what we are trying to teach our kids…ever sticks. But with this example, clearly we are doing something right

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