The Camping Bug

We went camping this weekend and it was amazing. It felt good, like hitting a reset button. No wifi, no cell service, just eachother and the natural world around us.

So many bunnies, and trees, and laughs, and bike rides, and oh my word so many bunnies.

This was our first camping trip outside of Pow Wow in about 4 years. The first as a family unit. This was also our test run to see what we will need for next year because we plan to camp…..alot.

What did we learn? Alot…
…Make sure to have DRY wood
…Leave as early as possible and have something planned for after checkout so we don’t just rush home
…We will need to accumulate stuff that is JUST for the trailer to make packing quicker and more efficient.
…. Need to pack and organize the trailer BEFORE we leave so we can just park and get the chairs out!
…That I need to learn how to guide my husband – and that “this way, no that way” doesn’t work well
…We love to sleep in
…That the kids will eat all the frosting off all the cupcakes while us parents are sleeping in (this may have been the only time they played next to each other nicely lol
….We love to sleep in
…. Lil’ Miss learned how to swim!!!
….We Caught the camping bug
…..We may never be able to afford staying at fancy hotels, or flying to theme parks, but we can give our kids experiences – I feel like we haven’t done much because we really cannot afford anything. But that is about to change.
….It is time we up our camping game
….We thought about just selling our house, homeschooling the kids, and just travel…
….The husband and I now have a retirement goal

….oh and we have made a list of all the weekends we will be camping next year (we have to use our 30 nights free pass before August!). Just have to make reservations and the husband has to put in his time off requests. We hope to invite people to come camp with us!!!

Loving this next phase in our life.

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