“One of those days”

That moment you wake up and just have this feeling. That feeling that today is gonna be “one of those days”. That feeling that is just making a comfy spot in gut.

That moment you tell your husband that you don’t want to go to work, it’s too early, and nobody can make you….only to turn around to hear him snoring and seeing him drool….thanks honey lol

Update 5: I totally forgot about this moment until I got home this evening. The moment you swung your shirt (for no reason) and it gets caught on a pile of screws and brackets on a shelf behind you and they go flying thru the laundry room. And you look at it and go fuck it, you will clean it up later.

So you wake up because nobody can make you go to work except for yourself…and bills. Get halfway out to the car, turn around bc you forgot something in the house, get to the deck steps, and go “oh nevermind, I don’t need it” so you walk back to your car and drive up the hill.

The moment you realize at the top of your hill that that item you didn’t need was actually your wrist brace that the doctor wants you to wear 24/7 for a month…..but at that point your running late and the house is just too far away.

That moment you sit down at work, login, and 2 of the main websites you need – are not loading AND the software you rely on freezes the entire computer during the first call of the morning.

That moment you tell your co-worker that “it’s been a day” and its only 30 mins into your shift; then approx. 90 mins later – your work e-mail program completely shuts down (it began to work right as I left for work 3 or so hrs later).

That moment you go to FedEx to fax off some very extremely important papers during your lunch break, tried 2x unsuccessfully. Get back to work 1 min late. So then you double check your e-mail (that could have easily been done while sitting at FedEx) to make sure you got the fax # right….and you find out you were 1 digit off.

That moment you make a run to FedEx after job#1 and before job#2 with the correct fax#, only for it to send 8 of 10 pages. That moment you don’t know what 2 pages didn’t get sent and you can’t call for at least 2 bus. days to see which ones they didn’t receive.

That moment you get to job#2 and trip over a tire…on a dolly that you have only been walking pass for the past few months.

That moment that you are typing this up – and realize that there were many many more “moments” today, but too many to remember all.

Yeah…that first moment – I should have just stayed in bed. The key? laughing thru it all. Kind of curious as to what the rest of the night holds.

Edited to add a couple more highlights: that moment you realize you forgot to refill your purse tampon stash…. and the moment you are helping your work wife zip tie product packs and you zip tie your shirt in………..

Update 3: Left job#2 an hr ago, I felt like I was missing something. I just knew I brought something in. Couldn’t figure out what so I left. An hr later….realized I forgot my coat. In the 9.5yrs I have worked there I have never ever ever forgot my coat. Maybe a water bottle. But my coat? Lol.

Update 4: that moment you get home and your son is so excited to see you that he runs to you…..and trips on daddy’s foot, crash landing his ribs into the corner of the couch (he’s fine). The same boy that scales the fridge and walks barefoot and naked on the outside of his play structure…..trips on his daddy’s foot….at ground level. Hey, I got some Mr. Man snuggles out of it!!!

My favorite moment so far? When a beautiful blue dragonfly greeted me at the door of job#2. That was a beautiful peaceful moment right there. Oh and we decided to have a BBQ tonight.


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